Circle of Competence


What is it?

We all have small areas of expertise, or competence. We need to understand not only what those are, but what we are not yet competent in, AND how wide our circle is. We are certainly able to develop competencies over  time, if we are disciplined and focused.


"Where should we devote our limited time in life, in order to achieve the most success?"-- Shane Parrish

Classroom Connection:

For me this is three-fold. One, we must first acknowledge the vast areas that exist in our chosen profession. From the brain, to social emotional learning; from assessment to instructional strategies; teaching is immense. Once we come to this understanding, we must be exacting (and not overcome by Confirmation Bias!)  in what our circles of competence are. Once we have assessed ourselves, we must commit to being disciplined and focused to continue to develop what competencies we do have, and which ones we want to start. 

Video Reflection: